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Runescape Resizable Game Window

We have introduced a new about RS Gold and optional way of viewing RuneScape HD: a resizable game window. This feature is available to both free players and members. The new feature will adjust your RuneScape HD game window to fit the size of your browser. So, if you expand or maximize your browser, your game window will expand too, filling all of the available space. If you reduce the size of your browser, your game window will reduce with Cheap RS Gold.


This feature is completely optional. You may activate or deactivate it via the Graphics Options; either on the login screen or in-game (accessed via the spanner icon).The resizable game window is only available for RuneScape HD. It is not available for the RuneScape version of the game.The main difference is that full screen will completely fill your screen of RS Gold. It will do so if your browser is minimized, maximized or anywhere inbetween. The resizable feature allows you to view the RuneScape game at whatever size you want - just reduce or increase the size of your browser and the game window will follow. When playing RuneScape HD using the resizable game window, your interfaces will be arranged in the manner as full screen mode. This means that your tabs will be arranged across the bottom of the game screen to Buy RS Gold.

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