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Runescape Rogues Den and Tweaks in MMORS

This week's Runescape update will pose a real challenge for all RS Gold fans of Thieving and Agility! Dare you enter an epic maze of deadly traps, fiendish obstacles and devious puzzles? Will you make it to the centre and claim the rewards that have been locked away from all but the sneakiest players?


Find out when you visit the Bur Thorpe Inn, and Cheap RS Gold discovers the Rogues Den! You will need to keep your wits about you, but there’s some very cool looking new armor just for those skilled, cunning and lucky enough to open the safes at the very centre.


Everyone who attempts the Den will get Agility and Thieving experience dependent upon how successfully they navigate through, so it's worth giving it a shot! This new area occupies a fiendish space more than five times the size of Lumbridge and has more than 440 devilish traps to tax even the nimblest of our agility "high scorers" to Buy RS Gold.

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