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Runescape Secret Treasure House more than I copy

Secret Court, is Runescape people love to go to the place, where the distribution of the guards and law enforcement, although they each ferocious, but it contains a wealth of experience and treasure, but mainly in the treasure-based, so the secret treasure hunt Court, Players become routine will go to land.

Secret Court multilayer copy: secret House has multiple layers, different distributions of the different layers of the monster level, players according to their rank, the selection into the different layers of the secret Court challenge. The strange secret Court has taken the initiative, there are passive strange, but whether active or passive strange strange, out rate is very rich, but the monster's attack is still pricey, it is recommended that challenges players to team up to enter the secret Court, successfully hit the chance to kill the monster will be higher.

High-quality Ge strange secret: the secret Court, although the distribution of more monsters, each monster carries full of baby children, but the monster is the quality of the points, the higher the quality of the strange, the more falling baby . High quality strange, purple, green monster, in the number of very rare secret Court, all we try to find a high-quality team in secret Court of strange props thus obtained will be more, to improve the efficiency of the secret Court Indiana.

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