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Runescape Skill Guide about House Teleporting

When you achieve RS Gold level 40 Magic, you will gain the ability to cast the House teleport spell. This spell requires 1 Law, 1 Earth and 1 Air rune. The teleport itself gives you the ability to teleport directly into your house without the need to run to and from your portal. This spell can either yield you into your house, or alfresco of theportal in which your abode is situated of RS Gold. You can as well toggle amid accustomed examination mode, or architecture mode. Both of these depend on your selected house options under the Settings menu in-game


The 'House Options' menu is located in the regular RuneScape options tab which is marked by the wrench icon. The abode options card allows you to yield ascendancy over your house in a few altered ways. The menu will allow you to: Turn building mode on/off. Change your House Teleport location (inside or outside the House Portal), Using this house options menu, and the options listed below you can control what happens within your house. You already apperceive that visitors cannot admission your abode when you are in architecture approach and that you can belch all your guests at already application the option aural the menu. Here are two more ways to control your house and Cheap RS Gold guests.


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