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Runescape Speaking environmentalists

Speaking environmentalists, open interface RS Gold Reserve, where you can collect your peers and unlock your title.


Jaguar cub | 9 points
Tiger cub | 9 points
Little Lion | 1 bond
Snow Leopard Cub | 5 bonds (total)

For Runescape next four weeks, you can use any of the burden of the bag companion cub beast given the same benefits to your feline friends.

Runescape Title:

Snowy assassin title | 2 stars
Invisible Predator title | 2 stars
Title King of the Jungle | 2 points

Big Cats test for two weeks - the first week around the theme jaguar, the second around the tiger. You can earn up to 12 points in the first week and 24 in the second. As a bonus, have been involved in the process will get you XP Light:

Answer a question Jaguar week | 1 small lamp XP
Answer all 12 weeks of Jaguar problem | 1 medium-sized XP lights
Tiger question answered one week | 1 small lamp XP
Answer all 12 questions Tiger Zhou | 1 medium-sized XP lights

In the environmentalists will stay a further two weeks allowed to enter the temple.

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