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Runescape Treasure hunter in loot

From 00:00 UTC to 23:59 UTC in January 14th January 18th, booty PI n ATAS will be available in more treasure hunter PI n ATA smashing fun.

The destruction of PI n ATAS down the team with your friends crush them open. PI n ATA will be similar to the dummy health bar, it will gradually 10HP every successful hit from Buy RS Gold the owners to reduce.

Each PI n ATA is guaranteed to drop stacked PI n ATA - Loot Bag fell to the ground before they catch! In the gift bag, the owners will receive a prismatic star, prism shaped lamps, gold and two random award, and five additional reward randomly distributed between any other player has been playing PI n ATA.

Non owners can play more PI n in their love, but they can only get 5 on the day. Sometimes, non owners may be unlucky, may not get any prizes, but these are not regarded as a day of their 5 awards.

Once the PI n ATA were destroyed, the owners and the contribution of the players will have the opportunity to get PI n ATA plushies rare PI n ATA themed items including wrestler mask token and a wide brimmed hat. PI n ATA plushies and circulation broadbrim will drop only exclusive PI n ATA owners. However, the wrestler will get two random mask token PI n ATA owners and non owners.

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