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Runescape Witness in Premier Sporting Event

Runescape in this summer, the denizens of Runescape will come together to RS Gold in witness and compete in Runescape`s premier sporting event: The Gielinor Games. Humans, gnomes, werewolves, goblins, elves and monkeys will be showing off their athletic RS Items skills in a variety of suitably Runescapey sports.

Before the games can begin, though, they need your help to build the stadiums, make the medals of Cheap RS Gold, and cook up a tasty storm to sell to the visiting dignitaries using a host of multi-cultural ingredients. With a large workshop set up in the centre of Varrock (run by a friendly gnome called Oomad Arrow), helping out will be easy and rewarding, with some generous XP for each of the areas you assist with. Even better, you’ll be able to Buy RS Gold and earn points to spend when the Gielinor Games themselves begin!

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