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Runescape Woodcutting Jagex Has Improved Four New Skill Gear

As you may notice that Cheap RS Gold Jagex has improved four new skill gear sets on the squeal of fortune, the existing skill gear sets (such as Fishing, Woodcutting, Construction, Thieving and Mining) also have been improved and boosted up to 5% in this update. And so it’s maybe a good chance for you to train these skills again. Of course, if you need some RS Gold or items in the process of training these skills, please come to MMORS to get what you want.


Not only the four new skill gear sets have been improved, but the four new XP boosting skill outfits have been added on the squeal of fortune. With RS Gold update, you can have a wonderful new look as well as 1% - 5% boost depending on the XP you earned with wearing these items. What’s more, to ensure that you have enough time to get your Sous chef’s toque and Blacksmith’s helmets, this boost will last for almost 30 days.


You have an opportunity to get increased chance for grabbing these new skill gear sets. If you just plan to cook, craft, smith, concoct this weekend, I think you will have an increased chance to grab these new skill gear sets for cooking, crafting, smiting from 00:00 (GMT) on Friday the September 28th to 23:59 (GMT) on Monday the October 1st to Buy RS Gold.

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