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Runescape community for mmors

It provides a set of official forum on Jagex's Runescape website. At the forum, players are able to participate in the discussion of Runescape the game, arrange the purchase or sale of Runescape Gold public opinion research projects, post suggestions to improve the game, vote, or interact with the community?

You can set a picture that has a separate display name and set the automatic signature, but can not publish pictures. User profiles show recent posts, along with the user has disabled the smiley options. Posting privileges on the forum is limited to paying members, as well as a free agent over the overall level of 350.84% Runescape players are male. 90% of the players playing the English game.

Players can submit email questions Runescape God, which is published in the letters, the introduction of a new feature called the pouch from the hedge, so that players can submit questions by email to non-player characters in the game. Players can also submit original artwork Runescape related (such as sculpture, cartoons, drawings and paintings), some of which are on display in the gallery Runescape website.

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