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Runescape convenient setting I

When it comes to ease of the game, everyone will think automatically hang up, automatically find its way, and so, of course, those in "Runescape" in all the world there, but in addition to these, "Runescape" system in which there is a convenient setting, can more readily help players relaxed game of it? Here take a twelve count it!

Beautiful young girl on the line to remind, the first experience welfare gains today: on-line alerts, in "Runescape" in doing is very warm, when the players just on the line, nice, pleasant young girl child will give you a warm smile reminder, she would gently tell you today what welfare task did not do Oh, in addition, after the completion of the task, she will give you generous bonus, real refreshing endless Oh! Allowing you to enter the game to feel warm and full day game time happy, good mood the day, from the moment you enter the game to be infected.

Distinct categories of activities recommended experience are a lot of money to become strong: in "Runescape", whether it is the old players or new players, they will have to worry about lost in the mind in the game, their own what to do next, because comprehensive and easy-game activity recommendation system, you can today be able to do the task or activity, coherent set out, whether it is the experience category, props class or classes and other activities to make money, can be done at a glance. As long as the click of a mouse, you can get a key!

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