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Runescape game Civilization problems

Today, there are a number of online games, and players to support these games. More than one person playing the game, the attendant problems accordingly also more up.Now online games,such as runescape role-playing most of the majority, upgrades, play equipment, transaction, is this common and simple process, many players are able to play out the pattern.

"Go away, you want leveling to go elsewhere!" I believe that many people have experienced this scene, and excitedly ran to leveling. But somehow be driven, some moral lesson listened carefully, speak politely, his voice still calm; while others simply shining directly eighth

generation of ancestors began to curse people, combative, bluntly, you can not wait to read between the lines when strange to kill - how you have enough courage, hang on, OK, then the result is that you will be killed.
I have to mention PK, PK originally just to increase the fun of the game, allowing players to experience more real competition, can some people just want to get some more experience, specifically looking for lower level than their own battle. One person was in when leveling attack, he carried the people there killing a Pianjiabuliu see a killing one.


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