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Runescape have Some unique game designs

It has a unique user thoughtful design. Do not underestimate this fact, many times in detail in order to highlight the intimate game designers, allowing the player more viscous. Its interface character design may be not good, but the 3D effect is very good, by the up and down direction keys to control game official propaganda pictures (12 pieces), If are interested in you can have a try,i think it's very similar to the same Wow. Background music has always been praised by players, Map real-time display let you feel mistakenly thought you were playing online games and not just a page game, in the game you can trade rs gold with others

It has a strong buddy system, identified it may not be exactly the same as the buddy system. When you login in , you were randomly assigned to more conducive to the speed of your game server. Maybe, today in Canada, tomorrow in the UK. But regardless of the server from which you login, showing the buddy system, you can  talk to your friend which login any one of 171 servers , including a member server and FunOrb Jagex's series. You can chat with your friends

It has a vivid expression system. Its expression system could comparable to the World of Warcraft expression system, of course, need to specify the conditions to open.It has The Grand Exchange goods consignment system (called G.E), The Grand Exchange is a useful place for their own trading system, members and non-members can be used, with emphasis on communication for all servers, you can trade with thousands of people at the same time. This system is similar to a stock transactions entwist system, buyers and sellers do not need to meet each other,  all transactions are done automatically, commodity prices fluctuate with the city, once the transaction have done,it can not go back for ever, Jadex disapproval players to buy rs gold .

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