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Runescape of Dev NXT blog series

Next we NXT dev blog series, its mod dunk tells us in a new arena client to achieve seamless mobility changes.

Rivers and lakes are a huge game filled with people to Buy RS Gold meet, mission and regional exploration. 15 years of the content of the current java client, and NXT is designed to give you a modern engine that can be effective in the future to deal with the size of the arena - now.

Packed in special open world games like RuneScape game development - problems. Because a player can be in any direction, and the area is too large to keep in memory, the smooth load of the game assets, without interrupting the game.

Now, this is what you might think, "wait a minute, I'm sure," pause the game as it is loaded. In fact, every arena player may be familiar with the load - please wait "box, pause the game you move around.

This small box is no longer needed in the NXT - here's the load on how we do!

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