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Runescape of happy april fool

In the past 18 months, our development team has been working in secret for you to bring the most exciting updates to all of the time - the horse! Yes, yes, make their way to gielinor mounts! We listen to you complain about the forum, we know that many of you are too lazy to go to Buy RS Gold you love the most mysterious spots.

Just pop up to the store and get your free installation! Although it started very basic, but also for those of you who are more than 121 hunter and the option to upgrade many, like the burden of upgrading 100 slot of the beast, "teleport to anywhere you like" super doohicky, 10x XP fans or strike kill PVP beak attack. Don't worry if you don't have the right level of hunter, it's not too much to balance the game.

Runevision: four years ago, we developed the jagmotion but after a wide range of tests, we conclude that this is not suitable for RuneScape players to practice, so this year we have released some more realistic. Runevision. Using the latest virtual reality technology and tactile feedback, you can experience the thrill, the leak, the bumps, and the comfort of the medieval fantasy life in their own home cuts. A quick shortcut? You will experience the point of life consumed by yourself, really immersed in your insertion, tearing at the fingertips. Why not learn to cook when you are cooking, just be careful, don't get burned! Cruel to the people of the players on the player's action, you can feel your opponent's ball of fire to beat you. We still fixed some bugs in the PVP system...

As a bonus, you will be able to MMORS RS 3 Gold obtain bond of our new brand "bond bruises" scheme, an application, your pain into bonds or game in XP!

Patch terrorbird mounts for navigation equipment
MMORS news that old rares last chance
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