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Runescape of idle adventures coming spring 2016

Quack: idle adventure is an ongoing cooperation with our friends in the new super Hippo game - responsible for the popular venture capitalists crazy genius. By virtue of RS Gold their huge fans, and has been working closely with us in a fresh, can take the new type of game free.

This is an addictive, fast play RPG attributed to the basic knowledge of flat and plunder. In a typical session, you will take a few minutes to make the hero choice for you to customize, and then leave his or her training, combat and real-time task.

Cold, next to the low intensity game deep character development and easy comedy, publish your progress and the legendary arena denver.

You can be in any place, any time, in PC, mobile phone or tablet computer - to adventure, no matter where you go. This is also a perfect second game screen when you say your skills training!

If you want to learn more information about Runescape, so stay tuned to our website

The first beta weekend NXT for mmors
The Chronicle about the legendary arena
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