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Runescape of slide score card

There was a very big bang behind the slide. A huge scoreboard, parodying the sword of Hicks act has been smashed into the fountain of communication! What is the threat of this two IP mahjarrat?

Slide the score card to gather sliskelion pieces to earn XP lights

From the slide of RS Gold the score card town to collect sliskelion pieces earned XP lights. You can find gielinor kitten is not the same as in the city, strange rocks. Teleport to the scoreboard exchange after the collection of 50 block two claim your XP lamp. You can do this once a week to reset UTC 00:00 every Wednesday. For the table, it will let you choose to exit the event.

This event is free, members, and iron accounts.

What is a good score card? The upcoming mission

Slide the score card, but will still be in a period of time. It seems that sliding is used to track it well in a brutal, wonderful game lead.

In the final stage of the slides of the coming task will have a series of the scoreboard, so you have to pay attention to gielinor what in 2016 and see what happens.

You might as well play the world of the task of waking up to Buy RS 3 Gold the missing, presumed death of the slide and become the story of the narrative context around his score card. Or take a look at BTS Osborn on Friday.

Shield of Arrav in RuneScape
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