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Runescape of the Dungeon of Death Part Two

Let us follow instcres to runescape gold north. In the north, instcres actually found a small village, and a large nearby field. The village was almost complete, and there was a poor army camp near the village, which seemed to be made up of peasants. He finds the literature in the army, the war in the yinake record. In the literature that, yinake and Buy Runescape Gold dragon city, residents of the dragon is mainly the devil. Back to the East, he saw the city and the door was broken into a cheap RS gold city wall ruins, and wrote on the wall yinake. A small to the south, is a broken military camp, but from the legacy of the equipment and remnants of the camp to see, is a professional camp. Where he found more details about the fighting in yinake.

Let's take a look at gunkoki. Southern cities seem to be ruled, but the integrity of the city is still not much, seems to have experienced a lot of movement. After mining, there are a lot of people's bones, but the fashion project second rivers and lakes era is very advanced. These are confirmed by gunkoki speculation. Then, in lifeisnow. She believes that the camp, according to the left side of the literature, and not a military camp is in the palace of human and dragon like peace, is the center of the negotiations between the two sides, too. There are more literature, recorded in the activities of the "yinake" in the war, "in the kerukes" campaign, she found that the dragon city set up a "can" word in the north of the mainland to Runescape Gold place.

Made a great contribution to the whole game
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