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Runescape of win a life size luminous

You have seen four godswords, given a variety of prizes in the contest it?

Do you have anything like that in your hand? Well, part of RS 3 Gold our fifteenth year old birthday celebration, every 2016 months we will present a life sized "project" in the game, you can win them!

In January, the Almighty luminous being produced and prepare for the next master. The following work is just an idea that you will receive the sword!

To have the opportunity to Buy RS Gold take home the legendary luminous, we hope you can help us and you to celebrate our birthday party led! Whether you are in the role of the game or your true self, give us a picture of you at the party. Use the following instructions to enter:

If you enter twitter or Instagram, use runescapeat15 and rspartyselfie tags submit and share your work.Next Friday's game is over, January 29th, so don't let your party get on with your boots!

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