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Runescape players mining maps

Everybody is good, I recently in the research of mining data, only mining, don't do that kind of smelting.The best way is to take a rune pickaxe, this is the best pick up free users, and then find and their level of ore, and then find the nearest bank from the mining area, crazy mining, and then sent to the bank, so mining, the mining level can rise quickly.

I would like to use this method.So I adjusted and found the 18 mining area, free users what each mining area has several ore, there is the nearest bank.Believe that this article is to practice of mining mining, skill of the players is very valuable, I found 18 in the mining area, but certainly not all, hope the broad masses of players to try to find more of the mining area and the recent bank added this to me!

First go to the image transfer, is very big, you'd better look after download, red circle is the mining area, with a red arrow pointing in the direction is the nearest bank, the path of the line is not necessarily the shortest route, just express direction, due to the mineral ore to the bank on the way there are strange, mining area also has a strange, some players combat level is high, so afraid of blame, some lw level and they were afraid to blame, so the route is certainly different.Wanna see more details? Maybe you should look at our website

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