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Runescape review divination skills fittings details

This week, the shouts of the wealth is held for the first time ever divination for the theme of the promotion. Soothsayers equipment has to Friday November 1, as the appearance of a man and a woman compete for switch - inspired by divination experts FAIZAN Augour fairweather and its discoverer, respectively - each equipment of soothsayers have five pieces.

Each piece of give you increase the 1% rise in divination XP, and its integral attire wear and equipment and increased by 1%. !This is a chunky 6% experience to promote your divination XP this weekend, you're more likely to win the divination XP lamp, in order to further assist in your training, and a new addition to the scream of wealth - stars in the fall.

Replace the pendant and top-up gem, fallen star can be consumed in the specific skills will give you bonus XP a big new project - at the same time develop the skills won as a percentage of bonus, the gain in XP. You may even be lucky enough to pick up a fallen bright stars, it gives more rewarding experience!

Do you have a chance to improve win soothsayers equipment, divination fallen star and divination XP from January lamps and lanterns GMT Friday 00:00 to November 4 23:59 GMT on Monday. They will not to scream after wealth, but you won, the lower their opportunities. Everyone get at least one rotation every day, and can earn more through the game. Please click here to learn how to. If you want to learn more, you can in the game, or by clicking on the wealth of the interface scream "add spin 'buy spin here, through the redemption of bonds.

Please note: skills pendant now deleted from the screaming of wealth. If you already have one project, you need to click on it in your inventory requirements are stored in the bonus XP, convert them to a make-up version in the process. If you have a prismatic shape or prismatic precious ornaments, the first thing you need to click on it to select you want to convert them into skills. Do it once, it can be pressed again, in order to claim bonus XP, as described above. Top-up gem will also be deleted, and you can simply click on the time, and the cash dividend XP skill of your choice. When eating, they don't succumb beauty project.

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