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Runescape skills

26 in Runescape skills for players to carry out various activities in the game, allowing interaction with NPCS, environment and other players.Players gain experience points skills when they use it.Mining ore mining train skills, for example, when a player skill points accumulated enough experience, they will "level" character.

Level rise can obtain better raw materials and produce better products, experience, if the player using the new ability.A player's overall technical level to a certain extent, symbolizes the position of players in the game and high overall level users can appear in the official score. to reach the highest level of skill available, members may buy a special Angle of symbol of their achievements.

Some skills, such as logging and fishing, allowing players to collect raw materials, can be processed into useful items for other skills, such as, respectively, fletching and cooking.Players can use to create the project or sell it to stores and other players.Other skills for players to kill certain NPCS, build their own houses, moving maps, and more easily steal all kinds of NPC, market stalls and chest is located in the game, light a fire, cooked food, to create their own potions, runestones and weapons technology, plant their own plants and animals hunt, the National People's Congress, raid dungeon, summon monster help combat and training techniques.

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