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Runescape strategy to make money

In the political arena, the money is absolutely not enough, the saying goes creating wealth, understand effective ways to make money on the players is essential. Here we will introduce several important ways to obtain Silver, silver.

First, the main ways: 1. Play 2. richest diamond target 3. Growing money tree  4. planting colorful sacred tree

Second, the specific method described:

1. Wealthy play

When the players reach 60, you can acess in King City "run business messenger" task at the wealthy, to complete the task, you can get rich rewards Silver, while during the mission, there will be an unexpected surprise.

2. Diamond goal

After completing 40 story missions, will open play goal diamonds, the diamond will appear in the top right corner of the screen interface. Click illuminated diamond diamond objectives and tasks can be carried out in accordance with the guidelines, the target can be obtained after the completion of diamond money and other incentives Oh.

3. Growing money tree

By Xanadu transmission division, or "peach" on the top right of the screen to enter the small map of Taoyuan.


In Taoyuan, planting a cash cow, after receive generous cash cow mature Silver award, while in Taoyuan, there will be a statue of myself, have a chance to generate Silver.

The colorful sacred tree planting

Players get colorful sacred tree seeds in King City Cloud State or planting, Silver has a chance to grow seedlings, wait until the maturity can drop a lot of Silver, im not sacred tree planting, you can refresh people's sacred tree pick rewarded.

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