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Runescape the Quester Tips aboout How to Become a Good Quester

  Last year when a member after mad to do the task, 99 cb, task points 240 +. As a quester, I share with you the experience about how to make RS Gold.

  First, be clear what is Quester. Unlike skiller and pure, task, which is a kind of things only exist in the Member with cheap RS gold and non-member task is too small, and thus can not become a task. Remember that you the quester, not skiller, not a fighter, you need comprehensive ability, skills and fighting with. Those with low skills to do the task, fighting the poor can not complete the task of Cheap RS Gold.

  Furthermore, if you do not understand the story elegant, but purely to reward, then you are not fit to do quester. Because if you do not appreciate the story, then soon boring. There is no hope of the plot for the next task, desire, and you will not push yourself to do more tasks. Give the award as a bundled goods, real quester plot.

  Task tired of people do not quester. Ask yourself if you truly like the task? If it is, then start again.

  Real quester do not need others to tell how to become good quester. As long as there is a love of the task and the game, a desire to explore, then you will naturally know how to become a good quester naturally is a good quester to Buy RS Gold.

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