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Runscape Elemental Workshop IV to Help You Buy RS Gold

  Delve deeper into the mysteries of the Elemental Workshop to Buy RS Gold, as you discover The Book of the Elemental Gloves, which describes a machine that runs on cosmic energy. If you can figure out how to access this new area and solve the puzzle of how to get it working again, those gloves could be yours.

  But why stop there? Why have one machine when you could have two? Figure out the cosmic machine and you may also discover a second book...and another infernal machine to go along with RS Gold. This second machine adds a bit of chaos to the proceedings; tame it and some snazzy new boots could be yours as well.

  In discovering the new areas in Elemental Workshop IV, you'll also get more of an insight into the workshop's history and Vitruvius's plight to restore his idiot apprentice, and discover that there could well be more than just machines down in the Cheap RS Gold workshop's depths...

Welcome to the Poor House Otherwise Try to Hold Off RS Gold
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