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Selong metal accessories for mmors

Dragon Jewelry back to the treasure hunter, this time in one or two forms - color and metal. These two reward your super gain pursuit dragon. Let's kill!

From UTC 00:00 time April 14th to April 18th UTC 23:59, dragon jewelry can be found in the chest of RS Gold treasure hunter. These can be stacked items in your necklace slot or stock, and will have a terrible impact on the battle when a matching class Dragon (Jin Shushai):

5% chance instakill dragon you fight.

Give your extra killer XP to kill a dragon, and don't need a killer's mission to be assigned to you. Note: the XP bonus has doubled, the last time!

Automatic recording and automatic grabbing of bone and bar / hide.

Transmission to Buy Runescape Gold the cost of the 5 little dragons.

With the exception of delivery, these effects will automatically occur in your packaging accessories. Details, view the cost of rewards and badges.

You can use the right mouse button with the right mouse button. Exchange rate is the 5 color of the jewelry metal jewelry 1. You can change two ways.

You will find that the following table details the activation of each bonus while competing for dragon jewelry costs.

The stock market is a useful killer and you can promote resources!As an extra bonus, all the stars and lights of the prism are extra 25% XP in killing and fighting skills: killer, constitution, attack, defense, remote, magic, power, call, prayer.

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