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Shadow dragon cavalry equipment patch

This update is a quiet, because we're ahead to next week's epic journey to the east of the land.

Looked at the latest batch of Buy RS Gold patches, including some handy adjustments from the Ninja combat option, the two classic arena pets, and graphics enhanced shadow cavalry equipped with Solomon's department store.

Read more about it, or play it now.

Patch week: The highlights of this week's patch include adjustments from our friendly internal Ninja fighting.

First of all, it is now possible to train the attack and the strength, without the training of defense.

Next, we have removed the momentum combat mode. Often used with only 2% players, the momentum is often used for Chompy hunting birds - and we have included the ability to allow the use of fixed.

We also added a crisp and the followers of Buy Runescape Gold Tim's pet for those of you who have completed the pursuit of gore. Just say they open a small, lovely name in a bar.

The return of the shadow dragon cavalry equipment
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