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Shield of Arrav in RuneScape

As everyone knows that the quest Shield of Arrav was first released on 04 January 2001. It has been rather a long time. But there are still some new players knowing little about it. Let's discuss it together now! Welcome to buy the fastest and cheapest RS Gold at our site. We have enough DarkScape Gold and Deadman Gold in stock. Here comes the topic.

To start the quest, players need to talk to Reldo and ability to defeat a level 2 or level 23 monster is required. This task needs two players. Therefore you'll have to look for a friend to help you who has not started this quest yet. Reldo will mention a book including the quest during your conversation. You and your parter need to join a different gang to get both halves.

After you both succeed obtaining half a shield and get to the Museum or rs gold. You are not far from success. The curator will give you either two left half certificates, or two right half certificates according to which gang you're in. And then you need to find your partner and trade them exchanging one of the certificates. Till now, you both have a left half and a right half certificate to make a full Certificate.

Congratulation! You can talk to King Roald in Varrock Castle to redeem your reward now.

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