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Skeletal Wyverns in Runescape

Skeletal Wyverns are dangerous undead Slayer monsters in RuneScape. They are the only monster to drop granite legs, and may drop draconic visage. which is a professional RuneScape Gold selling site will introduce you the strategies of it.

To fight the Skeletal Wyvern, players should have 68 summoning, 90 attack, 90 strength, 90 defence, 90 ranged. Skeletal wyverns have dragonfire attack, so players need to wield shields to protect against icy dragonfire. Players can use Armadyl chestplate and Armadyl chainskirt to range Skeletal Wyverns. Mage is the most efficient way for players to kill Skeletal Wyverns.

When players have 80 magic and 92 prayer, Skeletal Wyverns are easier to kill. Wyverns are not weak to melee, it can be used efficiently. Players can use Bandos armour or barrows armour, as well as a shield and a strong one-handed weapon. Wyverns are resistant to ranged, but players can still kill them by using a strong weapon and good armour. Note that all melee strategies work best when combined with a extreme set and super set.

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