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Skillcape Perks for mmors

A skillcape is a RuneScape icon, and a true badge of honour. While the status and satisfaction that comes with those many hours of Buy RS Gold hard training is the true reward, there's no reason it can't be a boon on your adventures too.

That's why we've added a perk to each skillcape – each one a useful effect fitting in smoothly with its skill's playstyle.

There's one for every skill, and one for the Quest Point Cape, but it doesn't end there. Those of you who've earned the illustrious Max, Completionist or Trimmed Completionist capes can feed skillcapes to them, granting them up to three of the perks, which are shared across all of these capes. If you have three perks set and wish to replace one, you must first delete one that you have set.

Most are Buy Runescape Gold persistent, passive effects, but some are activated by right-clicking the cape.

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