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Slayer Guide in RuneScape

Slayer is a members only skill in RuneScape, players can use this skill to kill monsters. which is a professional RS Gold selling site will give you a simple guide of it.

To start, you need to find a slayer master, the masters will give you assignments according to your combat levels. Some slayer tasks require you to complete some quests before you start these tasks. The monsters can be killed according to your slayer level. Slayer equipment is necessary when you kill monsters. Some special items are needed to kill the monsters. You can get these items from slayer masters shops.

When you complete the tasks, you will get the slayer experience. After you complete many tasks for a slayer master, you will receive a special challenge and if you complete it successfully, you will be rewarded with a lot of experience and reward points. You can use these points to buy slayer items which is useful for players.

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