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Sliske and the Chocolate Factory

There are some gielinor sliske business on Runescape Gold this Easter - you are brave (or starvation) to detect malicious mahjarrat of chocolate factory in his new is what?

In addition, the gear's history is publicly tested by attending a special event this week with some wonderful rewards. If you get a free time, check the clothes in the store that you are in!

Sliske and the chocolate factory, this event is open to free play and RuneScape members.

Sliske set up a chocolate factory in the cause of the fort is unknown, is to provide travel lucky winners through the rare chocolate butterfly, appeared in the year to reach the memory of those Guthix. The last of the chocolate butterfly, get the gold ticket, secretly the Easter Bunny in the castle and explore a song with Numbskulls and puzzle pieces.

What is the most sliske? Would it be safe for the rest of cheapest rs gold store online the tourists without your help? What is the secret of the factory "accident"? There is only one way to find - grab a ticket, take a ride!

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