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Smithing Skill in Runescape

Smithing is a useful skill in RuneScape. Players can use this skill to make metal items from metal bars and ore. where sell cheap RS Gold will give you a simple introduction of it.

Smelting and forging are two important parts in smithing. Smelting is a process of converting ores into bars. You will get experience by doing this. To start smelt an ore, you need a furnace and click it to start smelting. Most metals are easy to be smelt while smelting iron ores has a half chance of conversion. The high level will increase your chance.

Forging is a process of hammering metal bars into many items such as weapons and armours. To start forge, you need to prepare these items: hammers, metal bars and anvils. You can find anvils in many places. You will receive smithing experience when you forge into an object. In addition, you can sell the smithed objects to stores or other players.

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