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Some introductions for Runescape actual combat beta

Following the Runescape release of the revolution, combat's team has been beavering away far, offer you change into your test on the test server. With this update, you can see: change your combat level, adjust the tank armor and shields, and finally a batch of special attack, the first batch of PvP change.

The following update features a complete list of:

Combat level: combat effectiveness level formula has been changed, let players will in the largest 138 levels. In addition to this magical contribution and your combat level has been raised to make it with melee.

Special attacks: we have some modification and supplement, with special attack: the following special attack weapons have been back to: god bow - a associated with their arrows they now when used with perform an extra attack. Hand gun, penance trident/main trident, Mindspike personnel, Quickbow, Keenblade, Barrelchest anchor, ancient mace, the use of magic, Darklight, rune throwing axe, brine saber, half a brackish-water blade, bone knives, vesta's spear Excalibur and Excalibur special attacks could be through the use of "operating" option, and it is worn. Here is a 5 minute cooldown. The following weapons magic special attacks now: the class staff, Saradomin staff, Guthix staff, Zamorak staff, Zurials staff, Armadyl battlestaff. When your level at the request of the weapons wear special attack damage will now be expanded.

For Runescape PVP players, has made the change below:

To prepare for the future of PvP change limit the damage, the following regulation is to test for you: all of the damage in PvP will increase by 15%, reduce. You will take defensive 0.1% less damage per level. Protect pray now reduces damage (religious) 75% 25%. The food in PvP will no longer consume your adrenaline. The enemy adrenaline bar has been hidden in PvP. Will in PvP combat XP to get in the following situations: when your opponent is dead, you will be awarded XP skill damage. When you die, you'll get XP for you, to your opponent's not dead.

In addition to the above, we also take the following contents: in the combat model has a new icon. Hint of revolution has given guidance when you use it for the first time. Tank armor and shields now will provide less in PvE damage cases. The whole RUNESCAPE MOBS will now be more aggressive toward those who infringe upon their personal space. Now, you can switch to chat in the chat window in the top right corner of the option is the focus of the permanent. Target information now should be more sensitive, and can undock and move anywhere on the screen.

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