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Some raiders about Runescape Prince Ali Rescue

In Runescape game, you can upgrade your levels through a variety of raiders so as to make your character more powerful, to get more rs gold and Items, to reach higher level.
Firstly: Talk to Hassan at Al Kharid

Requirements:7 ball of wool,2 onion( you can seek out onions on north of Rimmington,or on the Northwest of Mbridge, or nearby the windmill.)Ashes( it is left with firing), flour( you can buy it in food shop),water( bucket of water),Redberries( find nearby the Southeast o f Varrock, or buy them in Runescape food shop),a piece of Pink Skirt( buy it in Clothes Shop of Varrock at price of 2gp),a piece of soft clay( mixed by water and clay, and clay found on the southest of Varrock) , a piece of copper tiles, 3 bottles of beer( buy them at Port Sarim or fetch them at the table of Barbarian Village) , and about 50 gold

You are talking with Hassan at Warrior Castle in Al Kharid City. He asks you for some help, and hope you having a talk with Osman at the door of the Castle, who will tell you some details to buy rs gold . After the conversation with Osaman, you will get the messages that Prince Ali has been captured by Lady Keli and you need to make a plan to rescue him.  Osman suggests that you have to stop Lady Keli and bind her, so that you can disguise the Prince as her to escape. In order to complete this Runescape task, you need: a piece of pink skirt, a blonde wig, and the paste (the same color of her skin). Osman said his daughter-Leela could offer you help.( without her help, you can directly prepare your items) Leela is usually at the Medina of the Draynor Village. She would tell you where to get the disguising goods, and have to get the key of the cell and to stop the Guards so as to rescue the Prince successfully.  easy you can think.

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