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Something about runescape skills

Fishing: Fishing in the specified waters can, mostly for cooking made ​​after supplementary health food.


Mining: different from a particular vein of ore excavated.


Woodcutting: RuneScape has a large number of trees felled with an ax can be used to build

houses and build a fire and arrows.


Farming: players can in the designated fields planting, growing out of the can be used as

food or medicine, etc.


Thieving: from trading stalls, or NPC characters who plunder. You can also lock picking.


Cooking: This is for food skills. The higher the skill, food can be cooked more advanced,

or reduce the chance of scorching. There are meat, pasta, Drinks.


Crafting: including sewing, cutting, making diamonds, glassware and so on.


Fletching: can be manufactured or crossbow arrows, darts. The flax spin into a bow , and make Knife in

a different timber, and finally use the bowstring in unfinished bow and you're done. This skill can be used

 to quickly earn a lot of RS Gold.

RS runecrafting and construction
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