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Soul Reaper New Rewards

Today's update brings a batch of macabre new rewards for Soul Reaper fans, plus an awe-inspiring, player-named Shadow Gorilla pet and matching cosmetic armour set, available for a limited time to RuneCoin buyers.
Soul Reaper Rewards

Death has cast his desolate gaze over the Soul Reaper rewards, and the last thing we'd want to do is disappoint him. Taking on board ideas from Redditor Fowdraco, Mod Ryan and Mod Daze have filled out the list with some sweet new unlocks.

Among these is a brand-new Book of Buy RS Gold Death, a pocket-slot item that grants combat stats and a small chance to insta-kill your enemies (or do an extra chunk of damage to bosses). As well as the unlock at Death's Store, it requires 80 Crafting to make, and is untradeable. Wanna see more details? Maybe you should look at our website

Shadow Gorilla Pet and Cosmetic Armour
Double XP Weekend Game Jam
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