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Stealing in disguise for mmors

Use your treasure hunter to find the key to complete the three sets of camouflage, can also be combined to create a powerful mage camouflage cunning this week to get.

This will be from May 5th 23:59 to May 9th UTC UTC 00:00.

The first treasure and find the camouflaged three sets: keldagrim, prifddinas and desert. Wearing this one will give you a fantastic steal and Pyramid loot bonus array. However, you can also go to a sneaky step...

By winning or one to one transaction, get the next level of invisibility, until you have three sets of. Combined with their creation of the Almighty Lord's disguise to disguise the set of all the lovers and add more. In addition, you can switch between the three camouflage style, as long as you love!

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