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Steel Dragons in Runescape

The Steel dragons are metal dragons in RuneScape, they are living in Kuradal's Dungeon, Brimhaven Dungeon, and the Fortress of Ghorrock. where sell the cheapest RS Gold will give you a simple introduction.

Steel dragon's combat level is 100, its lifepoints is 10000 and the max hit is 508. Its weakness is water spells, so players can use spells like Ice Barrage or Water Surge to fight against them. Steel dragons are not weak to stab, or melee attacks. While melee can be effective at higher levels if players use chaotic or drygore weapons.

Steel dragons have high defence, players can obtain good experience by killing them with magic, but it is hard to get melee and ranged experience. Steel dragons will drop draconic visage, rune items, dragon platelegs, dragon plateskirt, elite clue scrolls, starved ancient effigies and metal items including limbs, rune hatchets and maces.

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