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Subscription rates for new entrants increase from February

In Runesecape there are major changes in early February. Daniel Clough, Vice President of Runescape, announced today that the subscription prices will be raised for newcomers. The Browser MMO Runescape can be played for free or with a membership. Members can learn exclusive professions, players customize their houses and use more extras rs gold. As a membership currently costs 5.95 euros per month. From 1 February is increased to 7.95 euros a month, the price of a new membership.

For players who are already a member, it changes nothing. As long as they renew their subscription, they continue to pay the old price. The price increase was necessary due to greater investment, according to Daniel Clough, which were made last year and are planned for the coming period in order to further improve the game. Runescape is a MMORPG Broswer, which is free to play and is expanded constantly with new content for years.

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