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Summer special offers now get it

Summer especially now! Get 2 bags of dedicated lighting aura, provides an excellent XP to allow you to participate in the new summer hiscores price member 3 months. Make sure you're ready for an adventure in the summer, as a wonderful way of content! The best way is to RS Gold ensure that your membership is associated with special offers in summer, which is a great speed, including an authorization in the game in the halo, which is available now, but only for a limited time. You can check it!

Summer special 2016 offers include the following:

3 month membership is 2

Light aura (from June 1st):

+ 10% XP per day for one hour

Each fifth activates an hour and 100% hours

Extra XP, you will have a + 10% XP activation period that will make a sum of money to give you a sum once the activation is over (complete a very cool explosion animation!)

XP obtained by the halo is active for Buy Runescape Gold the summer hiscores (see next section).

Terrible beauty effects (including wings!) And atmosphere is active, you to this a halo and about summer activities have any questions, please is particularly common in the BBS of the message, your membership are good you will be in a favorable position, enjoy the adventure of the content, including island arc, Gower pursuit of summer, returns to the beach and more.

Behind the scenes in June 2016
Chronicle of runescape legends
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