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Tell you some tips for starting RuneScape

Frist  you to do is figure out your clothes and hair. And of course you can set whether you have long made. till you get a nice character to be a male or female. Playing just with all institutions This can also be change later, but it costs a 1K  rs gold(a lot of money if you are just starting out) If you are satisfied, click on "Accept" You really starts now:... welcome on Tutorial Island Tutorial Island Here you'll ge, put in place within RuneScape and you will explain the different possibilities of the game. It is fairly straightforward, but just in case here is a brief walk-through. After talking with the Runescape Guide you can start playing.

 Your first assignment is to move around a bit simple and become familiar with the controls. then you can skip to your second instructor who teaches you chop wood and make fire. If you've made your first fire it's time to learn to fish.'s Survival Guide will give you just indicate that you can catch in the pond ,Shrimps then you should really learn to cook,.... a bread mind you talk to Lev the Chef and he gives you instructions also gives Lev you explain the music in Runescape Then you can again. continue on the Quest Instructor, that explains things about Quests. Go down the stairs and you're in a cave where you will learn about the skills Mining and Smithing. Dezzick give you the supplies and the explanation.

After all those suffering talk it's time for the real thing: a good fight. Vannaka Combat Instructor will provide you with the equipment that you can go Giant Rats telijf You'll learn about both combat and ranged , In Runescape there is also the possibility of the objects... you've been saving your own bank space. Talk to the banker in your backpack and you can then put stuff on your bank or take it off.  Perform after a brief conversation with the financial adviser, a room further. He tells you how to make money. The next skill that you learn about it is prayer. Brother Brace provides detailed explanation about the friends list, the rules of Runescape and the online community. Your last destination wizard Terrova, you learn about magic, and you will eventually teleport. Congratulations to Lumbridge

Jagex is launching Runescape 3 game now
The bot of runescape
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