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The 2017 Survey for mmors

This is some of the less popular updates that make us surprised. Like mounts, reputation systems, PVP, the owner of the homeless world and Buy RS Gold the player's store (from a real explosion in the past) really did not register.

This list has been heavily influenced by next year's content, but we still have quite a few surprises left on our sleeves. The survey has done more than a little bit in the right direction, it makes us rethink how we release the content. More on this exciting idea, but first of all, I want to indulge myself, talk about some of my favorites, stand up and update to 2017.


For us, the weather is not just sprinkling some of the snow on the roof, so that our new engine, no, if it will be added, it must really do something spectacular.

Yes, we can do seasonal weather, but the real update, it will affect your game - how in the distance of lightning, climb the lightning rod, let it as a new spell or ability components? Think about it, the power of the wizard's tower!

How to look at the sand dust storm in the sand and explore the sand and explore the forgotten tomb? Flash floods, to the previous poor environment to bring rare fish it?

How to perform the witch rain dance, allowing you to create a local storm, freeze the opponent's cold, or just make fun of your local bank to fill up Buy Runescape Gold the dark clouds? Yes, it will enable us to demonstrate all the awesome power of NXT, but it will also allow you to show off some crazy ideas that shape the power of God in the world for you.

Dagannoth king and the wilderness dungeon rework
Lake 2017 reveal
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