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The Arc Chapter 2

Arc chain is complete, there are four new islands discovered, but these are just the tip of the iceberg. Read about the new armor, the title, the cosmetics and the pet for Buy RS Gold your details.

Adhere to the latest patches and information on the upcoming live stream.

New eastern land content and incentives

Member of the political arena.

Visit the arc Island, you need to complete MiniQuest "to impress locals to speak." Businessman Sarim at Stan in Hong kong. You have to open the port in the player's own cell.

Miniquests will be Buy Runescape Gold personal requirements.

Recommended skill level

86 level agriculture

90 or more felling, mining, hunting, fishing, divination, or killer.

Even if you do not meet these requirements, the contract owner will always do for you to find something bells!

New Eastern Lands Content Rewards
Treasure Hunter prismania plus
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