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The Chronicle about the legendary arena

If you want to Buy RS Gold the Chronicle: wild tales to, your wait is coming to an end. - our new strategy card game card click beta on March 23.

This is a unique opportunity to explore the game play that you try to record. You're going to pit the iconic legend against monsters, fully loaded with loot and dig up treasure - all with the goal of defeating your opponent in the final epic battle.

Looking for more information, the upcoming chronicle website and twitter!

From closed beta: If you have been involved in the test record, you will find a lot of goodies when playing the beta. Just the way we help you say so far:

Early entry: closed test participants get a head start from the beginning of March 16th!

Reward: a title, card back, badges and cache copper coins, for your help, up to now.

You will find that the game has expanded a series of new features.

New legend: vanescula shortly after the launch of the beta, and Ma Fulan

Underground city: a new model for the draft of the deck, PVP challenges and generous incentives

Customize: show off your legendary skin style and skill theme titles

The new location: Wilderness cable pits and your adventure is open

Game: a chronicle of MMORS RS 3 Gold better performance than ever run more smoothly, and look forward to better guide.

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