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The Clan Celebration Month will Introduce You to the Runscape Community

  The Clan Celebration Month will introduce you to the RS Gold community, and show you how joining in will change your gaming experience for the better. There is a clan for everyone from skillers and questers to warriors and we're going to be showing you what they are about, how to get involved and what benefits you will receive for being in a clan. Not only are there in-game benefits such as guaranteed rewards from Activities and regular events with prizes to better yourself and help build your reputation amongst your fellow adventurers; you will also build long-lasting friendships that will continue alongside RuneScape Gold and beyond.

  Each week will be themed around a different type of clan, starting with skilling this week and moving to Cheap RS Goldcommunity and combat later in the month. So whether you are interested in skilling, pking, hunting those elusive penguins or just chilling, there is a clan out there waiting for you. Maybe your destiny is to become a leader of great renown? We'll help you with that too through guides on setting up and running a clan, workshops from existing leaders and a Q&A with leaders and ourselves, your Clan Support team.

  To give you a taster, here are just a few of the adventures you can look forward to - sailing the high seas in the Fishing Trawler in search of game advice with our Help clans, hunting those pesky penguins using a massive network of spotters, support in numbers for the Activities weekend with a chance to be victorious in our most popular events, and finally getting that chance to take down some of the toughest bosses in-game with our maxed players, learning important tricks and techniques to Buy RS Gold. Not to mention the fairs, Q&A sessions and contests running throughout the entire month!

Runscape Elemental Workshop IV to Help You Buy RS Gold
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