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The Deep Wilderness Dungeon in Runescape

The Deep Wilderness Dungeon, in the level 50 wilderness in Runescape can be found, which useful for the players to train combat skills, and provides wide monster around with relative ease to train.

The entrance to the dungeon is located in the west Mage Arena. It can be entered by moving from an abandoned house in the deep wilderness stairs. As this area is in the wilderness, players can enter the dungeon and attack other players. The other players go around, get more challenge. Each main sections of the prison is shut down by the others as a goal that you can escape prayer-draining shadow spiders.

There's a dead end, at the end of the dungeon, it can only be traversed in a clockwise direction. There are four monsters in the dungeon: Hill Giant (Level 28) Chaos Dwarfs (Level 48), Shadow Spider (Level 49), and Fire Giant (Level 86), with several gates separating monster. Fire Giant is the strongest monster in the dungeon. you can kill it to loot rs gold  and items, After the dungeon began to players from teleporting out as well, although it is deep in the wilderness.

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