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The Month Ahead for mmors

After a pretty darn enjoyable Games Jam over the Double XP Weekend, we've focused March's updates on the stuff that was dreamed up over that period. A common thread is that they're all updates to Buy RS Gold things you play and enjoy every day.
Luck Rework

No longer will the ring of wealth or luck potions be your only way to modify how lucky you are in the game. We are adding 3 new rings that can affect bosses, clue scrolls and some skilling activities, with the top-tier ring involving level 107 Invention and a new gem – alchemical onyx - to create.

More bosses have been added to the list of things that luck can affect, so raids and battles against foes like Telos can be more lucrative than ever before.

You'll also get increased chances to get those really desirable items when solving clue scrolls, and increased chances to get a whole bunch of other things across the game, including Seren Necklace symbols, Black Ibis and more!

Lumbridge Crater Reclaimed
MOD Osborn here to tell us what is in March
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