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The Pit Guide From Mmors

The Pit is a Agility-based Distraction and Diversion in RuneScape. Players can get Agility experience and a Gorilla mask after completing it. Mmors which is a professional RuneScape Gold selling site will give you a simple guide of it. Click here to read more RuneScape news.

Players may be noticed by the Talent scout after completing a lap on an agility course. Speak to Talent scout in order to get the chance to go to The Pit. Note that players can only be noticed by the Talent scout once an hour. Players can go to the Pit anytime if having an Agility cape, but will not gain the full experience reward.

The events in this Distraction and Diversion include Floor is lava, High-low There, Karaoke, Put the Thing in the Other Thing, Punch the Hungry Sheeps and Crate Expectations. After finishing an event successfully, players will be rewarded with experience and a Gorilla mask. Players can also receive experience if failing an event, but the amount of experience will be much reduced.

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