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The Way to Make the Motherlode Maw Great Again

Many players know that the Motherlode Maw is a high level, high beneficial rewarding daily life in Runescape, can help the players closer to the goal of a CompletionistCapes. The Maw gives kinds of rewards - some good, some bad. But how to make the Maw great again, it is still a problem need to solve.

Enhancers definitely need to change, but that' s what will happen later .I want Maw to do it first. My idea is to increase the variables in your account, basically mean when you have been given the castle war is strengthened when you can crush it, and apply effects to your people, and do not need to carry. If you wish not to receive a reward before a later date, you will be able to choose not to smash the enhancer. Of course, there' s no commitment here, it' s just an idea.

Our goal is to make the Maw more desireable and make it worth doing daily again. If you want to learn more information about Runescape Gold, so stay tuned to our website


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