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The advantages of RuneScape class

You want to know why the operational level, the Master will be able to defeat a high-level fighters. It has all the combat triangle RuneScape different categories, including the mysterious relationship between the warrior, mage, ranger. A class can be stronger than the other in the battle, but more vulnerable to another attack. The triangular fight is basically the relationship between the class of the different fighting styles in RuneScape.

Advantage of the Warrior, Mage and Ranger, the enemy, with their own fighting style. Each class also has another enemy, which makes them weak in the game rs gold shortcomings. Under normal circumstances, the combat triangle is as follows. Under normal circumstances, each type of primary jurisdiction "approximately equal to the difference of about 5-10 skill levels, if there is a huge difference in the level, you can fold the triangle." Switch "combat triangle triangle.Implementation of each class enemy "fighting chance" for the other shortcomings. All runscape with different skills, each use of weapons and armor. Rangers are able to beat a mage, because their armor is mainly leather, which will result of magic attacks. Rangers can attack quickly, from a distance, this is one of the main features of the Master. In fact, has lost its main advantage the enemy mage.

Magic attack is much slower and weaker than a remote attack, dress wizard will actually reduce the Master, the defense and to buy rs gold. The mage can beat a warrior in the battle, due to the strong will of the warrior armor plate and magic attacks will become stronger. Warriors can not attack from afar, as a Mage, Battle Mage attempts to promote the powerful magic attacks cause great damage. Warriors strong Rangers because their plate armor will be transferred to Arrow Ranger soldiers and a very small damage.


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